Finally… A Website!

I have been a professional web developer for about 5 years now, and I have finally built a website for Himmelman Exotics! Woohoo!! I’m very excited for this site. I plan on keeping this website as up-to-date as I possibly can. I’ll also be rotating new photos of our collection, and I will also be actively posting new blog articles! I will be posting about upcoming pairings, random thoughts, tips and tricks, cool plans that I have for the future, birthing records, etc. All of my posts can be filtered by categories on the blog page. I will also have the ability to comment on the articles turned on, so if you’re reading this I hope to see you adding your comments/thoughts/feelings/opinions! — So let’s start this off! Please leave a comment for anything you would like to see on my website, or a topic I can post about.

Thanks for reading!

-Himmelman Exotics


PS – If you need a website please reach out! I would love to build some more reptile sites 🙂